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What is this?

This is a just girly things meme creator website.

What is just girly things?

Girly things are what apply to only real girls. I think.

How to download my image?

Just click the Download Image button and then right click to the image and choose Save as.. or you can upload it to Imgur.

How to use the meme creator and make your own girly things meme?

First you have to select an image as a background of your picture. You can upload an image from your computer or paste a link of the image into the textbox.
After you selected your image it is visible in the preview section. Edit the texts how you like them. You can change the signature as well.
You can resize the texts with your mouse grabbing them at the corners. You can move the texts when you see the little hand mouse pointer, and you can rotate the texts grabbing the square at the end of the line on the top of the text's bounding box.

How can I send you feedback?

You can email us: consulting AT minify DOT hu, or post to our facebook page!


2015. May: We had to remove the upload function to mediacrush as they were sadly shut down. Instead now you can upload your images to imgur! This should be anonymous, however I don't know what data they log.

2022. Now works in Safari, and hopefully on mobile better.